An eight-year-old testimonial about the Apple iPod

Illustrations of an Eames chair, post-it notes, the Spotify app, a wheelbarrow, the Philippe Starck Alessi Juicy Salif Citrus Squeezer, and a few legos.
Drawn in Adobe Illustrator by the author.

Do you remember your first conscious experience with a good design?

I sure didn’t until I recently began Google’s UX Design Certification on the Coursera platform. Within the first course introducing you to the very foundations of UX Design, I just so happened to click one of the “optional readings” hyperlinks (I don’t do it all the time — maybe I should?) that directed me to a landing page of, you guessed it, another Google Design page!

Because I was led to another Google-owned article and content, I’m not going to lie, I was a bit pessimistic about the article…

(But let’s try to do better from now on.)

Illustration of the Mars symbol representing the male sex, being used to create the circle for the Earth.
Drawn in Adobe Illustrator by the author.

Today is March 8th, or International Women’s Day, and the entire month of March is to celebrate women’s history. Though it is always nice to be reminded of all the advancements women have made in infiltrating male-dominated industries and how women have continued to be so pivotal within society, it is disconcerting to see how much progress that still needs to be done before women can be fully equated in the “public sphere”. Many problems can be addressed here, but today, I am bringing up the issue regarding how design fails to fairly address and include women.

To give you…

& I take it for granted.

Created by the author.


When I heard this word prior to studying industrial design in college, I would associate it with art museums, fashion shows, and maybe even album covers. Obviously an ignorant and naïve standard. (To clarify, I am not saying I am no longer ignorant and naïve, just to a less extent.)

Now, the word design brings about thoughts of products and services I use on a daily basis. In other words, my personal archetype of design has been immensely broadened. Initially, design to me could be represented by the fine arts, such as the paintings of Caravaggio and the “things I…

Allie Paschal

Hi there! My name is Allie. I am currently working in the field of Brand Marketing & have a B.S. in Industrial Design.

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